? 'bout labels



WOW! Is this possible?

One burn, scanned with and without label appliedā€¦ :frowning:

Certainly blows me away. Guess I could go to a disc printer, a magic marker isnā€™t too appealing!



Yessir, adhesive labels throw off the balance of a disc and greatly REDUCE readability and compatibility of the disc.
Your test proves it once again.


Did you use the label before the recording? If not, it shouldnā€™t be a problem as long as the disc is read well.


Would printing directly to the disc have the same result? How 'bout labeling the disk before burning?

Damn, maybe it magic marker timeā€¦ Thanks-


The low tech magic marker is a safer route to go. The label can throw the whole balance of the disc off. Remember, a 52x burn runs at 10,000 rpm! If you must put a label on the disc, do it after the burn.


Perhaps it could destroy your drive. Never try it. :slight_smile:

Iā€™m serious. Some people got hurt exactly from that kind of mistakes. Samsung had troubles.


From the sound of the crack when the disc fractured in my drive, I could definitely see people getting hurt from this. It sounded like a hammer hitting the metal case at full force.


With a disc printer, you can make the design so that it balances weight symetrically. You will not be be able to do that with a paper label, as there will always be a larger margin of error in placing the paper, which weighs a lot more than the ink.


I often use a pen with soft touch.


No labels,not of the paper variety, at least. The guys are 1000% correct,the paper throws off the symmetrical weight of the disc. Get a Sharpieā€¦