Bought used IPOD its full of music and I can not see any music when I open it



itunes does not recognize the songs…I like the songs on the IPOD do not want to delete all of them I just want to add some music and delete some…Ipod says it is Full.


please can someone help me


Try enabling hidden folders and open the ipod in my computer?

Double posting isn’t the way to get help.

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Bought used IPOD its full of music and I can not see any music when I open it.

Could be because you bought the iPod and not the music that was on it. You may need the license to play the music that’s ‘there’.


That could also be true, but if you wanted to view the files in explorer (seeing as how he’s probably using a PC) he would have to enable hidden folders, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the files.


Aren’t iThings only accessible with iTunes?

The player could also be defective.
I don’t think this is a licensing issue since the music is usually tied to the iThing.




I’d reformat the entire Ipod.


If the iPod appears as a drive letter, you may be able to access them as follows. These steps will not work with an iPod touch, iPhone, etc. or any iPod which does not appear as a drive letter. These steps are based on what I recall when I helped a friend recover music off his iPod after his laptop had a hard disk failure.

The first thing you need to do is enable the showing of hidden and system files. You can do this as follows:

[B]Windows XP:[/B]

[li]Go into My Computer[/li][li]Go into the Tools menu -> Folder Options[/li][li]Go into the View tab[/li][li]In this list, tick “Show hidden files and folders”.[/li][li]Remove the tick from “Hide protected operating system files”.[/li][li]Click ‘OK’.[/li][/ol]

[B]Windows 7 (probably Vista also)[/B]

[li]Go into the Control Panel (in the start menu)[/li][li]In the “View By:” drop-down, select “Large Icons”[/li][li]Go into “Folder Options” and into the “View” tab[/li][li]Tick the option “Show hidden files, folder and drives”[/li][li]Remove the tick from “Hide protected operating system files”[/li][li]Click ‘OK’.[/li][/ol]

Now, to reveal the music, perform the following. Again, this process varies between Windows XP, Vista and 7:

[B]Windows XP:[/B]

[li]Go into My Computer[/li][li]Right click on the iPod drive and click “Search…”[/li][li]Go into the View menu and select “Details”[/li][li]In the file name field, type in .mp3;.m4a and click “Search”[/li][li]Right click on the Name column and in the drop-down tick “Title”[/li][li]Repeat step 5 to tick “Artist” and again to tick “Album”[/li][li]Scroll right to see these columns and click the Artist/Album/Title column to sort.[/li][/ol]

[B]Windows Vista/7:[/B]

[li]Go into Computer and open the iPod drive[/li][li]In the top-right search field, type in (OR must be capitals): *.mp3 OR *.m4a[/li][li]In the view drop-down (icon below the search box), click “Details”[/li][li]Right-click the “Name” column and click “More…”[/li][li]In this list, put a tick beside “Album” and click ‘OK’.[/li][li]Click the Authors/Title/Album column to sort.[/li][/ol]

With any luck you should be able to access the songs on the iPod now. As the iPod stores music with cryptic file names, you will need an MP3 tag tool (e.g. TagScanner) to rename any files you copy off.


My old 5th gen 30 gb Ipod has the white screen of death . . . my PC still sees it ok and iTunes can find it just fine. Hopefully I can replace the screen and all will be good.

I’m seriously considering installing rockbox on it . . .


Or try another Ipod manager, such as