Bought this I purchased 812S Lite-On DVD-RW today...what now?

I purchased 8x SOHW812S Lite-On DVD-RW today.

I remember reading somewhere that it can be flashed to a newer version that can write dual layers (LiteOn SOHW-832S). Is that so?

I also read that it is identical to Sony DRU-700A.

Now, I downloaded latest DRU-700A firmware and OmniPatcher from here -

It says that OmniPatcher can customize things for you…

I do not know ANYTHING about DVD-RWs!!! Should I flash to Lite-On SOHW-832S latest firmware or Sony DRU-700A???

What things should I customize/enable/disable with OmniPatcher? Do I need to use it at all for the Sony firmware? What is bitsetting support?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Could someone also explain me which settings would be best through OmniPatcher?

Increase Speed?
Earlier shift?
Utilize shift-fixing?
Fix organge light?


Read this for omnipatcher :


OK, but it didn’t say what to enable and what not…

Yeah! The 832S worked, BUT question - Memorix 4x DVD+R was picked up only as 4x and not 8x by Nero (latest version). I thought the firmware allowed 4x media to be copied at speed of 8x?!

1/ Please do not crosspost. You posted about this in the firmware forum as well.

2/ Sony firmwares suck, IMHO. Use the latest LiteOn firmware.

3/ Do you need to burn DL media? If not, use US0N, as that’s the best firmware for your 812S. Unless you actually want to burn DL, there is no point in using VS04 (832S) right now because US0N is better. And, as I said above, don’t use VY05 (Sony) as that’s just bad.

4/ What is bitsetting?

5/ As for what things in OmniPatcher to enable, you will notice that there is a file named “readme.html” in the OP package. As the name would suggest, it might be a good idea to read it! :wink:

6/ If you read the OP documentation carefully, you would also know the answer to your question about your Memorex media.

OK, sorry…rushed in too fast.

One question - how is US0N better than VS04? For single layer DVDs at least. I flashed to 832S so that I do not ever have to bother with flashing again (if I get dual layer media).

I enabled ALL of the things in OmniPatcher and everythng seems to work fine. Burnt a 3Gb worth of data using Nero - worked fine, and was readable.

Erm, US0N is newer than VS04…

And the “not ever have to bother with flashing again” is a veeeeeery bad mentality to have when it comes to DVD burners! There are firmware updates all the time, to support new media that comes onto the market, to improve performance, etc., etc. There are going to be newer 832S firmwares in the future, and you will want to eventually dump VS04 for a newer one in the future. So stick with US0N now, and by the time you actually get DL media, I’d imagine that VS04 would be long obsolete.

Hmmm…it shows VS04 as being released AFTER US0N on Lite-On website…

And the internal timestamp also says that it’s pretty new. Those things often don’t many anything. Case in point, Japanese version of the Sony VY05 firmware is 100% identical to the English version, except for a different internal timestamp. VS04 is ancient. US0N is much newer. Ignore what the dates say.

Got it! Thanks!