Bought Something Because You Downloaded First?

Well evidently it wasn’t relevent enough to get onto the frontpage, but still an interesting idea I think.

The File Sharing Experiment

The file sharing experiment is an attempt to catalog some financial figures about how much revenue the industries backing organizations such as the RIAA, MPAA, and SPA have gained by file sharing. The file sharing database consists of a list of items and prices which contributing users have both purchased, and would not have purchased if they hadn’t first downloaded/shared identical or related files. The ultimate goal is to show what (if any) significant revenue the RIAA, MPAA, and SPA have to credit to the file sharing community, and hopefully convince some of the organizations supporting them that their money would be better spent taking advantage of this market rather than trying to exterminate it.

It has always been my belief that various industries have actually earned more revenue as a direct result of file sharing, and that file sharing works FOR the industry. Recent figures such as the music industry’s latest earnings report have shown results contrary to what the RIAA has consistently complainted about in that file sharing hurts the industry. So if you would like to contribute, click submit above. Post your merchandise, how much you paid, and why you wouldn’t have bought it if you first hadn’t downloaded something. No IP addresses or personal information is logged - so there’s nothing to subpoena. The complete (growing) catalog is available for review by clicking here. The totals shown below are only temporary, and may be reduced later once the logs are crunched through a filter (to detect bogus entries or flooding), or as users help identify suspect or bogus entries.

Things not to report on:

* Software purchased after a beta test, demo, or other manufacturer-authorized distribution
* Items purchased after 'word of mouth' recommendation (unless of course you also downloaded it yourself)
* Music or movies purchased after previewing using an authorized distribution channel (Amazon, Real, Internet radio, etcetera)
* Generic collections of albums for which you can't recall the names 

The catalog will be analyzed by multiple individuals before any final numbers are made available, so it’s only a waste of time to post bogus entries.

Please link to us!

i sumtimes buy music i downlaoded 1st, not just for skip-free quality, but 2 support artists, i usualy but albums of small artistss though, they work hard and need the money more than the “superstars”