Bought some Verbatim DVD=R/-R +R DL



I was shocked when I saw Verbatim DVD media from Taiwan (for SL) and Singapore (for DL) disappearing from stores and all I can find is MII and MIC Verbatim !

Luckily I found a place that has MIT Verbatim 50 Disc DVD+R/DVD-R CMC made

But DVD+R DL was MIT CMC Made :eek: :confused:

Anyway I got 500 DVD-R/DVD+R discs and a 10 disc spindle of DVD+R DL for testing

Here is a scan for the MKM003 MIT :

Is it good ?


Scan looks fine to me, doesn’t have the usual layer break spike either. It will be interesting to see how long they hold up but looks like a great burn to me anyways.
The jitter does look a bit funky though but as long as it works that’s the big test I think.


All in all the scan doesn’t look very bad but like Dartman said the jitter is a
little on the high side for my liking but if playback is alright then I guess it’s
good to go. :iagree:


Thank you very much for the replies

I forgot to mention that I burnt it with NEC AD-7200S@6X

It is a data disc so I did the TRT only

I will try burning with the iHAS120@8X/6X to see whether it could be better


I would be interested in a high speed scan. The same discs can look quite different scanned at 12x vs. 4.


I would think the UAE Verbatim media would be plentiful in Egypt…


Scan looks great!

(I’ve ordered 200 Verbatim DVDRs too, just to have some stashed in case they really disappear in Europe)


The discs are PAH7 batch made by CMC and I got 10 disc spindle for testing and as they turned out good I will get more

I still have some MIS MKM003 and they are of the same quality scan-wise

There are no UAE Verbatim here in Egypt (Are they good ?) the distributor gets Verbatim from Europe !


Are your MKM003s MIS or MIT ?

The 12X scan looks good , it is another disc burnt with LiteOn iHAS120 @6X this time and LiteOn is way worse than the AD-7200S

What do you think ?


Here is a scan done for another disc burnt@4X with NEC AD-7200S


This is look much better than mine MKM003 MIT DL’s. Mine scans were comparable to Yours @12x.


[QUOTE=minaelromany;2512881]Here is a scan done for another disc burnt@4X with NEC AD-7200S[/QUOTE]
Nice burn :clap:

That does look like a good batch of MIT’s. It would be nice to see MIT MKM003 consistently burning that well. My iHAS120 DL burns were also not great. I would not be concerned with that jitter spike on the first scan. The 120 is a decent DL scanner, but mine would occasionally show a spike like that that did not show up when scanned with Plextor, BenQ, or even a newer Lite-on iHAS324 A. Hope to see your next batch looking this good :).


SL Discs on the other hand are super-crap ! :eek:

+R or -R from different spindles are crap scan-wise

I’ve never seen this with Verbatim media before !

I will show you a newly burnt disc from an older 25 Disc spindle that I got months ago from RadioShack when all 25 Disc spindles were MIT but now are MII

New 50 Disc spindle MIT Made by CMC MAP 6 Burnt@ 8X :

Old 25 Disc spindle MIT Made by CMC MAP 7 Burnt@ 12X :

What the hell is this ?

Should I get MII Verbatim then ? :doh: