Bought RiData CDRWs from, got Princo?

I have been looking for quality high speed (12x+) media, and finally found and ordered their RiData CDRWs.

I was under the assumption that this would be Ritek media, but instead its Princo according to the Media ID, and I am having horrible write\read issues with them on my Lite-On 52x32x52 drive. I can burn them on my NEC-2500A, but the quality is horrible, averaging 400-500 C1 errors.

Here is the best burn that I’ve been able to get after the initial write:

AFAIK, Ritek does make any CDRW. RW media is not a good place to try to save pennies. Suggest using Maxell 10x/12x CDRW or Verbatim. If the LiteOn has trouble with it, then it’s pretty bad stuff.

Wasn’t trying to be cheap, I just couldnt find anything online that sold CDRWs in less than 50-100 bulk quanitities (I only need 5-10 at most). Is there a place you recommend?

And err…I did search here before buying them.

I stand corrected on the Ritek question. (old timer’s disease)

TDK 10x

TDK 10x

Maxell 10x

Little update.

I e-mailed Rima and asked what was up, and they were also surprised. They contacted Ritek, and even sent me 10 of their InfoDisc CD-RWs for free, without me having to send the Riteks back. They just earned a permenant cusomter:P

Anyway, the InfoDiscs are turning out to be much, much better than the Ritek\Princos.

That sounds like Rima to me. I always order from rima or newegg since I have never recieved a single disc that was bad from either of them and I know that if I did get bad discs that they would do whatever it takes to make me happy.