Bought Possible Counterfeit Verbatim BD-R Disc


Few days ago I bought 3 disc from Ebay auction, link below

Two Disc look like standard Verbatim BD-R 2x 25GB, one disc looks like Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Verbatim BD-R 2x 25GB Factory Usage Only.

All 3 disc on the clear inner circle have two sets of numbers in same format.

Here are the read outs from one disc.

Closer to the finger hole there is smaller font: 017E1212L20046
away from the finger hole there is in larger font: B17K0LE1U17090

on the dye area there is another number: ZDT547-KT (that is on two disc)
Third disc has slightly different number on the dye area: ZD9936-BRS12000

what made me think that these are counterfeit is the MIDs.

2 media have identical MID, and third has different MID.

One Verbatim BD-R 2x 25GB and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Verbatim BD-R 2x 25GB Factory Usage Only has the same MID.

While second Verbatim BD-R 2x 25GB has different MID

that Maxell MID made me think that these disc are counterfeit, never seen Verbatim using Maxell MIDs.

I believe that they might be making counterfeit Verbatim and Maxell disc, and what happened here they accidentally made the wrong label on a disc that supposed to be maxell copy.

any comments?

Also he might be selling more counterfeit disc both Maxell and Verb.

Link to his Verb auction

And Maxell

I know that Verbatim has always ran two different CD-R and DVD-R manufacturing lines. One for professional grade and one for retail. Do you think this may be the case with Verbatim as well?