Bought my first DVD-RW, a NEC-3550A


I just bought a 3550A today. It’s my first DVD burner. I also have some TY DVD-R 4X 4.7GB discs that I got for free. My questions are:

  1. Is there any modifications I should do with my 3550A, i.e. update firmware, drivers or so? I just popped it into my computer a few minutes ago and I want to know what the best settings and drivers I should put in.

  2. What’s the best program for burning? Alcohol 120, Daemon Tools?

  3. Any IMPORTANT things I should know about this burner? I know it’s been out for a while so there must be a list of bugs and problems with the drive.

Thanks :smiley:


First of all update the firmware either to the latest official release from NEC, or with Liggy’s & Dee’s that you can find here: . This will provide you with the best possible recording quality and media support that this drive can do.

No drivers are needed for the drive, but for optimal performance you might need to install the IDE drivers of your mainboards chipset (should be in the chipsets driver pack). You should make sure that DMA transfer mode is enabled (is enabled by default in Windows XP, but not in Windows 98)

The best recording program is the one you personally like more. Most people rate Nero as the best, but it cannot replace Alcohol 120% or Daemon tools (I have both Nero & Alcohol installed), because Nero will never allow you to burn something if there is a legal conflict with it. Alcohol 120% does what you tell it to do, if it can. Does not care about legal issues (thats why I love it :flower: )

Ok. Looks like the firmwares already 1.06 so I have nothing left to change.

I burned a copy of FEAR (4.4GB) and it took 9 minutes and 10 seconds. Is that normal?

The DVDs I use are TY DVD-R 4X 4.7GB…is there any way to overburn it at 8x or something?


Normal and no, forget about overspeed burning them, because this is NOT overburning.

How come some people can burn at higher speeds than default?

Because they probably have used MCSE tool or 8x rated media which can be also burnt at 12x and maybe 16x (only FEW)…

Hmm, I have TY 4x…I thought all TY would be good

DVD+R are more likely to be burnable at over the rated speed, but it depends on equipment and disk quality. TYs are among the best, but you are using _rs.

Thanks for the info.

Strangely, I was using Nero 7 and it was burning the discs at 8x.

Then it’s allowed in the actual firmware…