Bought me a new toy... looking for tweaks

My beloved LDW-“811”, actually a zebra (V.4) modded 411 has been serving me well for the past 10 months, with over 300 perfect DVD burns.

But, every saga has an end. After reading these forums I decided to buy me a new drive.
I didn´t want the fastest, newest, and I don´t need “DL” right now. I was looking at Lite-On, NEC, Pioneer, BenQ…

So, after a some searching and comparing, I decided to buy another Litey, a SOHW-812. (They are really cheap now in Europe.)
And, I´m not regreting it. Adding the c0deguys tweaks, I´m sure this drive can go to @832, “DL” and beyond… :smiley:
Suggestions please, c0deguys…

BTW, here is my first burn and scan with new drive; Movie, Nero 63117, Sony DVD+R 4X burned at 8X, no ws-swap.