Bought DVD+R's @ Fry's Pre-Used/Opened?

Hey guys,

I recently purchased some new Fuji 8x DVD+R’s (MIJ - TY’s) from Fry’s and noticed that some of the discs appear to be heavily scratched/dusty and one of the discs actually appears to have been burned 1/4 of the way through! I noticed this after I put a disc in my BenQ 1640 and Nero said the “Disc is not empty.” I took a quick look through the bundle and pulled out a few more discs to try and all keep giving me the same error.

I cannot see any actual data on the disc which is 1/4 written and all discs appear to be empty.

I did notice that the MIJ’s that they had (only ~4 25pk stacks) seemed more beat up than the other’s (MIT) but they were still wrapped.

Is it possible that someone had a bunch of failed burns w/ these and returned them? Is there any way to check if this is the case? At first I thought there was some sort of compatibility problem w/ this media and my drive, but once I found the 1/4 burned disc I wasn’t sure. Obviously, I am going to return these, but I’d like to get some feedback.


(BTW, I have not yet burned ANY DVD’s on this drive --only CDR/CDRW… I’m new to the DVD stuff)

I would never buy opened/pre-owned/returned media, you are just asking for trouble.

Sorry, my topic is misleading… I need to change it.

I did not (knowingly) buy opened/pre-used media. It was sealed and sold as new. There was nothing posted in the store that indicated that the media had been opened/used. Do they even sell pre-used media!?

ever retail store will resell opened media, they will mark it as such as well

take ur media back and exchange it, fry’s will do so for you`