Bought at Sams Club

Can you guys tell if these are good from the outside?
Not sure on the return policy so I didnt open them yet


Made in India DL media hasn’t been proven as good as the Made in Singapore media, but your batch may be excellent. I would think they will work much better than most other things that you could buy in bulk at Sam’s. :iagree:

Unless you can specifically find Made in Singapore Verbatim media in the store, it wouldn’t really be worth it to return them, IMHO.

yeah i have bought the MIS one’s

The only thing I see that raises a [B]RED [/B] flag is that they were
[U][B]Made in India[/B]. [/U] I’ve heard bad things about those discs that they
are no where near as good as the MIS DL Verbatim discs.

They are made MII and i use them with no problem. you paid like 70 bux for them. You can burn them at best that i have seen at 3.9x to 4.5x but plextors burn them 6x no problem. I agree MIS i wud like but i can’t find 50 of those for 70 bux. This media comes out to be MKM-001 MII. MKM-003 MIS is my thing but at 4 bux a pop i buy a few here and there.

Take them back to the store and tell them you want the Made In Singapore one , look for it yourself or let them find it for you .

70$ is not cheap and believe me you wouldn’t like it when results are horrible , people pay like 12$ per 50 pack of SL media and if it turned to be crap it is still 12$ not [B]70[/B] :bigsmile:

The spindle looks sexy though :bow:

That same media you purchased at sams club newegg sells too. It’s MII also.
They get 35.99 for a 20pk, Take a look for yourself. Click on the product rating and read the reviews for yourself. MII is’nt as bad as ppl make them out to be but MIS 8-10X would cost you about $210.00 for 50 MKM-003 if you bought 10 five paks.

Thanks guys

I will take these back and look. These are going to be for important moives and 360 games so I need them to be as good as possible!

Thanks again

Speed doesnt matter for me. 24x is a perfect speed to backup 360 games so I am ok :slight_smile:

well from looking around in these forums it seems like the MIS are “the best” but i dont think those MII are as bad as people make em out to be… if they are i wonder if it’s a firmware issue or is the media actually crappy?.. since it’s verbatim i would have to assume that it’s probably the persons drive (firmware basically) that aint compatible… but this is just a guess.

but anyways, @ digital_ripper04 … 2.4 takes about 45min to burn a disc… i burn all my 360 games @ 4x (about 20-25min ish, much better than 45min :wink: ) and they work 100percent (acording to the disc quality scans i get better burns @ 4x on my drive vs 2.4x)… i got a samsung ms28 drive in my 360 though.

Mine burn around a half hour and I am in no rush

I think I will just scan them to see what they are, they still should return them

That sounds like a good idea. You never know until you try. :flower:

I believe I read you have one of the later Pioneer drives? It should handle most Verbatim media with ease, regardless of the origin.

i aint sure sams return policy but i would think if the discs dont burn well you could probably return them for a refund (just say the disc failed or something ;), u get the general idea. lol) … atleast thats the way i would think most places like bestbuy etc etc are.

it’s your call… but im sure people would be curious to see how they work on here :wink:

Open them and burn some. If they’re coasters, they have to refund due to them being faulty. Or worst case scenario you contact Verbatim and give them batch number pics etc and they will personally refund you.

Now , that would be super fast , faster than SL media :bigsmile:

You could go to Sams and try to find MIS , if not ask them about their return policy of the MII media you purchased and whether or not they would give you a refund if spindle is opened and discs were of bad quality .

On a side note : most Newegg ratings are from people who calculate media quality by coaster rate and that is not “accurate” :wink:

@ minaelromany … you pretty much sumed that up about the newegg reviews thing :wink:

cause i noticed that to… u see some people who claim it’s great just cause it works and then if they get a decent ammount of coasters there like “this media sucks avoid it at all costs” or something along those lines.

although in some cases i think newegg can be right. take there verbatim media for example… you got hundreds of reviews on most of that stuff and theres very very few complaints and the ones that do complain you can tell it’s probably there pc or burner thats the issue in most cases… so i think in cases where you see a major ammount of reviews and there all pretty much positive i think it’s safe to assume that the media is atleast above average in a worst case senario in cases like that.

although generally speaking, what you said sumed it up in simple terms. … but i guess bottom line to me reguardless of how media quality checks are if the media dont have “the best” initial quality burn although it’s still fairly good and it plays in alot of dvd players and lasts for years without issues. then thats quality media in my book.

cause when is all said and done if the stuff works and lasts a while thats the bottom line :wink:

i think ill stop talking now as it’s safe to assume most people in this forum already know pretty much all the stuff i just typed… so i just wasted a few minues or so typing this. lol

I admit I would just start burning them. My experience with MiI MKM-001 has been pretty good. Scans aren’t as pretty as their MiS counterparts, but my standalones cannot tell the difference… and that’s what counts. :iagree:

You know what I meant! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will do a test scan today and let you guys know then if they are no good I will return them Monday.

This is the only thing that gave me anything using nero.

<FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’>
<TABLE cellpadding=‘0’ cellspacing=‘0’>
<TR><TD><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’>Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info</FONT></B></TD><TD></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’ color=’#FFFFFF’> Basic Information</FONT></B></TD><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Disc type:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> DVD+R DL</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Book Type</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> DVD+R DL</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Manufacturer:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Verbatim</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> MID</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> MKM 001 000 (00h)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Write speeds:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 2.4 X - 4 X - 6 X - 8 X</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Blank Capacity</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 7.96 GB</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 8152 MB</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 8547993600 bytes</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’ color=’#FFFFFF’> Extended Information</FONT></B></TD><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Layers</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 2</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Layer break</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> 3.98 GB</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Write strategies</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> n/a</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Disc Status</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Empty</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><B><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’ color=’#FFFFFF’> Raw Data</FONT></B></TD><TD bgcolor=’#505050’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD bgcolor=’#E0E0E0’><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> Physical Format Information (00h)</FONT></TD><TD><FONT face=‘arial’ size=’-1’> </FONT></TD></TR>
0000 - E1 0F 32 10 00 03 00 00 00 FC FF FF 00 22 D7 FF - …2…"…
0010 - 00 00 00 4D 4B 4D 00 00 00 00 00 30 30 31 00 40 - …MKM…001.@
0020 - 25 25 37 0C 02 2F 63 02 2F 63 21 23 0D 0E 14 14 - %%7…/c./c!#…
0030 - 02 01 01 10 00 21 23 0D 0E 14 14 02 01 01 10 00 - …!#…

I ended up taking them back and bought a 47 inch 1080p LCD HDTV :smiley: :bow: :bigsmile: