Bought any Mitsubishi CDRz lately?

I just posted the article Bought any Mitsubishi CDRz lately?.

If you bought Mitsubishi CDRz after April the 13th you might be owning some defective CDRz:

Mitsubishi Chemicals made a public announcement that their “CDR74SP50” (packaged in 50 spindle case)…

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The CD-Rs in question are probably labelled Verbatim (Metal Azo) so this should ring a bell.

This is unique! A manafacturer who says it has released defective discs. I remember I bought several Lenco Silver/Silver CDR’s and I went back to the store because they were defect. The shopmanager said it was my writer and I should have bought a Plextor. When I told him I had a Plextor and no other brand had these problems he agreed to take back the spindle that wasn’t opened. I could still throw away about defective 90 CD’s. That’s why you should never buy anything at FOKA / Kinorama. :r Cheers for Verbetamin :7

Verbatim is owned my Mitsubishi, and (I think) if you use CDRID Verbatims discs are identified as Mitsubishis. However Mitsubishi discs are supposedly slightly better for PSX games than Vebatims.