Bought an out of region DVD, is it garbage to me basically?

Grabbed one while at WalMart in Mexico, went to play it on my portable DVD player purchased here (Canada) and if course it says wrong region.

So should I just throw it away and cut my losses or what?

Thanks =]

You could rip the disk to your hard drive and make it region free and then re-burn it to a DVD blank.

RipIt4Me along with DVD Decrypter should do the trick in terms of ripping, then you could process it with DVD Shrink and use ImgBurn to burn it to the blank.

All that is free.

You can still play this disc.

Rip it on your computer’s HDD with DVD decrypter, making ripped files region free, and then burn on a DVD. In this way you can play the region free disc on your standalone :slight_smile:

Moreover, using the backup copy you can store the original in a safe place :wink:

Thanks guys maybe I should give decrypter another stab at it…gave me an error the first time.

Gonna take alook at that ripit4me.

RipIt4Me is a front-end for DVD Decrypter that helps handle more recent forms of protection. If you download the Installer, it should take care of things for ya.

you could look here to see if there’s a region free hack for it

whats the make and model number of it?