Bought a new 4163b, question

Ive read great things about this drive and cant wait to do some serious burning. :slight_smile:
How is the dvd quality after burning a 8x disc at 12x?
BenQ 1620 has good scans after doing this, I guess its kind of the 1620’s “thing” to overspeed and still give good results :bow: , but how does the LG handle this?
Im perfectly happy burning at the rated speed; just means Ill have to use my Verbatim 16x! :iagree:
Oh and I know this sounds dumb, but is there a FW that removes the riplock on the 4163b?

I like the TY +r T02’s at 8x or 12x better than the MCC004 at 8-16x. But the MCC’s are not bad by any means. You won’t find a rip “unlocker” for the 4163b. It rips at 10x and a full pressed DVD9 takes about 16-17 minutes vs the 10 minutes for the BenQ. I think the BenQ might be a better “all around” drive than the LG.
Just for burning: my scans from the LG are almost always better then the scans posted on the BenQ threads.

They Mcc 004 wont hit 16x. 13x tops.

When you say better all rounder, do you mean if you had to choose between the BenQ and the LG you’d end up getting the BenQ?

I have both and Yes if I had to keep just one, I would choose the BenQ because it can do Disk Quality scans, has some impressive ripping FW hacks and is very quiet. That being said I do like my Lite-On for scanning and my LG for pure burning.

The BenQ is a fine burner in it’s own right also. With the media that I use the most the LG is a little faster and the burns a little better, but I’m warming up to the BenQ.

Pros and of each drive comapred to each other


  • Great RW writing Performance
  • High quality -R writing Performance
  • Supports -RAM
  • Supports 8x +RW and 6x -RW

BenQ 1620

  • Fantastic +R writing performance
  • Supports overspeeding with a lot of media
  • Faster reading back of pressed dvds
  • Great firmware support

There are many others as well but these are just a few. The BenQ definetly doesnt work as well with RW media in general as well as LG. You can see in the reviews that BenQ had problems with CDRW media.

But then again BenQ has added 4x DL via firmware updates and released loads of updates for their drives. Both drives are good and have weaknesses and strengths.

Another intresting fact is that the BenQ’s chipset doesnt natively support the recording of the -R format (Nexperia chipset) but it has been done. I guess they used co processor chips to do this.

Another intresting fact is even though DVD-RW discs are 2x supposidly they write at 2.4x like the +RW format on the BenQ1620.

MCC004 hits 16x almost every time on my 4163B.

A full DVD-9 with 7.8 GB needs more than 18 minutes on LG 4163.
Most DVD-9 are less than 7.8 GB and should take about 16 minutes.


What are you comp specs? Are you burning an ISO with dvd derypter?How big?