Bought a Lite On drive to help rip speed, but need help



I bought a Lite On DVD-ROM drive so I can rip DVDs faster then my Sony DVD drive at 2x. I installed it in a firewire external case and it is not recognizing it as a DVD-ROM drive, just as a external hardware. The Lite On DVD drive did not come with any installation disk, even though I bought the retail version. Anyone know what I can do? I have Windows XP.


The problem is not the Lite-On but the external enclosure. Because the BIOS and OS reads the firmware, IDE drives don’t require drivers, ever, unless you’re running it in DOS… I suggest you find the driver for that enclosure. BTW, what is it using USB2.0 or Firewire?


I installed it in a firewire external case

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Originally posted by AcuraTL
I installed it in a firewire external case and it is not recognizing it as a DVD-ROM drive…


Stoner’s right though, what you need are some basic external drivers… Not from Lite-ON though.


It is a Bytecc external enclosure and it has both firewire and USB 2.0.


RDG: Yeah, I caught that straight off the bat. The problem w/ these external enclosure is they act like medium between the actual drive and the OS. Without proper driver installed from the enclosure’s manufacturer, you won’t get anywhere w/ the drive. And that’s why I don’t like these 3rd party ext enclosures. If I want an ext unit, I’d get a stock version.

ATL: Did you install any driver for the ext enclosure yet?


I switched it to USB 2.0, now it recognize the Lite On drive and I can play DVD with no problem. However, there is a new problem. Everytime I try to decrypt a DVD with DVD Decrypter, it will freeze the program. It will unlock the program if I turn off the DVD drive. The same goes with Smartripper. I checked and it has the newest firmware. Not sure what is causing the freeze with DVD Decrypter/Smartripper.


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Maybe one of you knows why the heck my Lite On DVD drive keeps freezing up when using DVD Decrypter and/or Smartripper only.