Bought a DVD burner NEED HELP!

ok i just spent my money on a dvd burner and cant seem to figure it out. I have a movie file downloaded thats a .mpeg but have tried 3 times to burn it on dvd+RW cd and cant get it to work. The software is NTI can someone please help!

Try using something like dvdcrypter.

Hate to say it, but NTI is the sorriest software around, as they will ask you to pay for every new version they make. I once bought their software (Backup Now and CDMaker), and they do not honor the industry standard of 1 year free upgrades. Also, their tech support is non-existent, and I found their Backup Now! software very buggy: it would not correctly estimate amount of gb selected for backup, would overburn CD-Rs past rated capacities so they failed; and would not ‘clean up the memory’ it used, resulting in poor backup performance. The first good thing to do is unload that software and see if someone else will buy it from you, then get new software. The DVDDecrypter would be a good first step, but if you want more help, you’ll have to be more specific with what your problem is.

What are file dimensions?

I’ve read somewhere in this forum that there are limitations about file dimensions that you can put in a DVD in iso format.

If file dimensions are too big perhaps this explain inability to burn it on a DVD.

You can try to convert mpeg file into vob files with a DVD authoring program or split a big file into smaller ones.

Hope this may help

ok the cd is maxwell up to 4x,4.7gb,2 hours sp mode the movie is 756 mb and is .mpeg The problem is I cant find the right option to burn a dvd as the ones I thought it was didnt burn the movie as expected. They gave these option (1)video cd (2)super VCD (3) dvd video_ts (4)Cinematic Video (5)dvd fit I tried burning the dvd video_ts and video cd but neither one worked…

Hey Matts… Like harley said, try DVD Decryptor. It’s free but get it now cuz it won’t be around for long. Or you can DL a trial version of Nero 6 for 1 month. Those 2 IMO are the only ones worth a damn.


where do I get dvd cryptor and is it free?

Hey Mats… You may have to Google it. It use to be on Doom9 but I just looked and the link is there but not active.

what exactly does it do

Hey Matts… Try here yes it’s free. You may have to try one of the mirror sites to get it. Just keep trying as it has been banned. Just remember that this is to be used to make 1 copy of a disk that you own!!! Not intended for illeagal use.


You can Google it and find a ton of info on it or look at the last link I just gave you.

Yeah! It’s just a nice user friendly software for making LEGAL copies of your own personal DVD’s. :iagree: :slight_smile: :cool:

Hey… None of this above seems to pertain to your situation :stuck_out_tongue:

So you’ve got this MPG file that’s 700whatever MB’s. Chances are very good it’s a VCD. This is something that goes on a normal CD and should play on your DVD player if you burn it with the correct settings in your burning software. It can be authored to a DVD, but not easily. Chances are you’ll need to resample the audio and learn a bit about authoring. The best place to go for this is’s guides section and look for"(S)VCD to DVDR without reencoding" guides. But it’s probably just easier to put it on a CD.

A DVD will usually come as an ISO file or a set of files with VOB, IFO, and BUP extensions, and filenames like VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, so forth and so on. These are what you would burn with the “DVD VIDEO_TS” option.

Best of luck, I hope that explains some things.

Hey tehGrue… Don’t know what your talking about here. If you read the entire thread from the beginning, you would see that the above info is pertinant to the topic. He claims to be using NTI software that people feel is junk. So we offered him the oportunity to get some burning software thats quality. But thanks for your info.


thanks for the help so far guys here’s my problem I now can burn the mpeg movie on the dvd and it plays in the dvd burner but not on my dvd player the guy at the store said this is probaly due to NTI and maybe Nero would help any truth to this? I was reading my dvd it says playback but doesnt list mpeg on dvd-video,sv something,mp3 does that effect it? Also I have nero from before but it says it must be in .ifo,.vob,.bup,.video_ts but my movie doesnt have anything about these??? thanks for any help!

Hey, sorry, but when he’s trying to burn or author a single MPEG, a utility that can copy DVDs or burn ISOs doesn’t seem like a wonderful choice.

Anyways, no matter what software you use, the single .mpg file is not an authored DVD, no way around that but to, you know, author it. Like I said, look up some good “(S)VCD to DVDR without reencoding” at or perhaps

An easy way to get it to a dvd compatable structure is to use VSO divxtodvd. is a wicked program that can convert almost any media files including mpegs to the appropriate structure. You can then burn the resulting video_ts file using nero. It does re-encode but it is a larger file (about 2x) but will easily fit on a dvd. I have used it and the resulting quality is the same as the original. Just curious though since you said you tried a dvd+rw disc - are they compatable with your particular dvd player??

Yeah… But that reencodes. Why spend hours on it when you don’t have to and there’s some quality loss?

How about this: SVCD2DVD v2.0 from will take care of everything for you for free. Since the free version has a max size of 2GB, this should be no problem for you. All it does is reencodes the audio to the required sampling frequency (48000Hz), and doesn’t touch the video at all. Should take you 15 minutes, max.

It takes about 45 minutes and there is little quality loss.

I tried that converter yesterday it made it into a few files that work in nero I dragged the folder in these files come up:Video_ts.ifo,video_ts.bup,vts_01_0.ifo,vts_01_1.vob and vts_01_1.bup I tried burning this and in my dvd it just says loading and nothing further but every other time it said no disc so something good is happening but its just not quite there also I got a few errors when trying to burn saying you may not be able to playback and some others… Also I will read that site for the person that suggested it thanks