Bought a brand new hard drive from Amazon but my PC isn't seeing it



Bought a brand new hard drive from Amazon, but my PC isn’t seeing it and I’m linking it up to my PC using a SATA to IDE cable because my computer doesn’t have an interface. Without me having to send it back could it be that this lead just so happens to be incompatible with this hard drive because I also have another SATA hard drive and it runs fine with it, but this doesn’t?



at first you need to create partitions and format them before you can use the drive.
For details please see the documentation (online help) of your operating system.



I know but the PC is supposed to still be able to see it, isn’t it? Because I think I remember buying a brand new SATA hard drive in linking it up to my PC in this fashion whereby the PC could see it when I went to My Computer and then I could right-click its icon then format it, but the icon for this hard drive doesn’t even show-up unless it’s different with this 1?


Your PC doesn’t see the drive even if you right click on my computer, select manage and then expand disk management?


VIA Chipset?


Thanks for solving my problem, justcallmebob. I did that and my PC can now see it after prompting me with: 'Welcome to the Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard. Thanks also to everyone else on here who’ve tried to help me. Think I remember doing this in the past but it’s been so long though maybe I should’ve done a proper search first however this is now solved.