Bought a bid opn E-Bay



Just bought the below on E-Bay bad/good deal?
I have a few computers in the garage with the same type ddr3 ram, can I add this on somehow, took a chance on an e-bay bid and won $575 & $30 shipping, hoping for the best.Know its a chance, but seem like the odds are not too too bab.T.I.A.

ASUS CM6830 Desktop PC.

In Good cosmetic condition and great working order.

Powered up, booted fine to BIOS and windows, played/burn CDs/DVDs fine, surfed the net great.

No further testing been done.

Intel Core i7-2600 processor (Quad-core CPU / 3.40GHz per core).
1TB Hard Drive.
NVIDIA GeForce GT530 Video Card (2GB, HDMI DVI VGA)
DVD Burner. Memory Card Reader.
CrossFireX Ready. USB 3.0
Windows 7 Home Premium COA Sticker.


Not the cheapest around but a very nice price for a complete system.