Bought 50 dvds.. opinions?

25pk Memorex 8x DVD+R
MBIPG101 R04 001 (moser baer india)

25pk Verbatim 16x DVD+R
MCC 004 (mitsubishi CC)

by the way, this is all CANADIAN money. i can’t order online. i think i got a pretty good deal. what do you think?

from looking at this thread: my memorex 8x seems to have the same media code as the 4x. is this normal?

your memorex are MBIPG101 R04 the ones on that thread are MBIPG101 R03

don’t know, but in my opinion it wasn’t a bad deal… :bigsmile:

You can get a 30 pack of Memorex 8x +R (Ritek R03) from WalMart (Canada) for $14.77

25pk Verbatim 16x DVD+R
MCC 004 (mitsubishi CC)
$29.99 [\QUOTE]

25 Verbatim 8x +R (MCC 03, really good) for $20.95 at