Bought 4166B today - I'm very pleased

Looks like the 4th time is a charm. I bought the 4166 today, after reading this forum and seeing how pleased many were with this drive. This is the 4th drive I’ve bought this week seeking a good DL burner. After two Benq’s and a Liteon, I think I’ve found it. Two burns today on MKM 001 media seems to have proven how good it is. I finally watched Tomb Raider tonight with no skips — finally. :bow: This was my test DVD.

This has really been an eye opener. I’ve probably got seventy-five or more burns on my old Sony DL burner and haven’t had a coaster in months. Wanting to get something a little faster, I bought a Benq and another Benq and then a Liteon (which is what my rebadged sony was anyway). I couldn’t get a decent DL burn out of them. I know they all have great reputations, but they just didn’t work for me. Maybe it’s because my Compaq has an AMD chip in it. It’s been a real mystery, not to mention a bit expensive. So, I’m really glad to find this LG. Thanks to all that wrote good writeups about it, especially one of the moderators. That testimony sent me to Best Buy looking for this gem. Although it wasn’t on sale, I was really glad to find it without having to order from somewhere else.

If anyone has any special advice relating to DL burns for this drive, please let me know. Is there much difference between using 6X, 4X, or 2.4X in terms of quality?


It really depends on the discs you use. Generally, Verbatim 2.4x DVD+DL can be written at 6x quite nicely on your drive. Have a look at the DL burning section of this review of your drive :
(the Maxell discs used there are actually 2.4x Verbatim discs rebranded)

You may want to have a look at the whole review if you have not done so yet. If nothing else, it will tell you what kinds of SL discs work nicely on your writer :