Bouch the liteon 40x..what to do?

hello freakers

I’ve been thinking for a while, wich writer I was going to buy, and eventually I’ve decieded wich one …
my choice has fallen on this writer: Liteon 40x12x48x

I’ve read all about the firmware off this writer on this site
now i would like to know what the different firmware are for this writer…in other words
which one would you advice ?
i would like to have a litle more information about all this

:confused: :confused:

Thank you

hi man. i am in the same position as you, and i am sure i will get the 40x liteon when i get rid of my 24x liteon.
As far as i can see, the the 40125S owners are happy with the latest firmware, and they are all awating the offciial release of the new ZS0D firmware whhich will support p cav writing…now it is still z-clv.

im getting mine in a few weeks. :wink:

I dont know why you are getting rid your 24X shuebhussain??? I cant figure it out. The 24X Lite-On is the best burner around. The 40X is new and untested like the 32X (which is what I have). Don’t do it. If I had to choose all over again, I would buy the 24X no questions asked. Read the Clone CD Forum and you will see what I mean.


I think he needs to spend some money or something… or he is really impatient… spending more money just to save like 30 secs per cd burnt…


Nah, I belive he likes playing with new toys! :slight_smile:

[b]let me settle all the specualtion. i have found a buyer for my 24102B, who is offering more than i paid for it 3 months ago.He’s offering almost enough for me to buy a 40125s, so i am going to!

I was gonna wait for the 48x, but the 40x will have the same main feature with the new f/w [P-CAV writing]

But sure, i like playing with new toys…don’t we all.

But problems with 40x, i hear Starrman say???
Before i buy ill follow this up. I have heard nothing but praise for the 40125s so far :smiley: [/b]

The problem I’m having with my Lite-On Ltr32123S shuebhussain
is that it wont burn SD2’s, period! I made the fatal error of upgrading my firmware and now paying the price. If you go out and buy the 40 speed and it so happens to include the latest firmware, will it do what you expect it to do. Only more worries and headaches as far as I’m concerned. Lite-On did the dirty on me and I now refuse to trust any hardware manufacturer who neglects to inform customers of their intentions. The way I see it, they have removed a feature of the burner that was the reason for buying it in the first place. I’ve posted messages all over the place about this so what I’m saying is stick to what you have until the dust settles and you can be 100% sure of what you’re buying. Trust me on this.


Like mentioned in your other posts… you are the only one who has the problem with SD after upgrading your firmware… so I don’t think you should blame LiteOn!



I was in the same boat as you m8, I have 2X LiteOn 24102b’s and was thinking of waiting for the 48X drives. Anyways I bought the 40125S and have done about 600 CDR’s on it over the last few weeks using Clone, NTI and Nero.

My verdict?

If you burn a lot of discs buy it!!! Now!!! A lot of members here are saying “So what about 20 secs…etc” and of course they are dead right about that if you don’t record many discs in a week. But if you do then the time saved adds up to quite a bit. They are doing a great deal at at the mo, it’s £89 inc VAT!!!

HTH :slight_smile:

[b]cheers for all the posts so far.
@lazza, did u buy from overclockers.i heard they give a bad service [wrong deliverys, etc]. ill definately be getting one.What f/w do have, and btw whats nti and why do u use it…surely the like of nero + clone will satisfy all ur burning needs :wink:

Where did u get urs from.

PS, i don’t burn a lot of CD’s , but as my blue post exp[lains, im gonna get a 40125s [or a 48x][/b]

thx for all thos reply’s
but where can i download the newest firmware ?

u may get the latest firmware with the drive. If not , check here for liteon firmwares :wink: