Both my NEC 2500a's freezing when reading



All of a sudden both my NEC ND2500A drives on two different computers are freezing when in the reading mode.

I use DVDxCopy Express, and when about 51% read, it freezes in the middle. I don’t run any other programs when burning, and my pcs are adware and virus free. If it were just one burner freezing, that would be one thing, but both?

Is there something new in todays DVD’s that could cause my programs to freeze midread?

I have flashed to 1.06 and still freezing, will try 1.07.


The latest firmware on the official nec site is 1.0a. Be careful when flashing-no dvds in drive and do it in safe mode. It could be the media your using causing the problem or dvdxcopy. I would update firmware and also try anydvd and clonedvd from has a 21 day trial. Hope this helps you.


It coudn’t be my media, because dvdxcopy was freezing during the reading of the original DVD and my blanks were not even in the drive.

I am using Anydvd.

It’s funny that it could be dvdxcopy, because it has worked flawlessly for 2 years (its a purchased copy with full license).

I upgraded the firmware to Liggys 2510 and I just burned the DVD successfully that I could not do for the last week. Am currently trying another DVD on the other drive that I also flashed.

Thanks for your help!


My other burn froze again. Any help would be greatly apprectiated! AS mentioned b4, burns have been working great for the past 2 years, same burner, same media.


How about reinstall of Windows - same Win after 2 years might be problematic as sh*t adds up during time. I reinstall an image every 3 months or so to keep everything smooth.


if they are both failing on the same disc try a different disc


Is your second computer the same or does it not have dma or been defraged lately or is there some spyware giving you the problem. maybe if you give us the specs on the computer your still having problems. Do you have enough ram etc. Its hard to figure something without more info.