Both my DVD rom drives will not read DVDs but there's no prob with CDs

Recently both of my DVD drives stopped reading (or burning) DVDs. Up until then I had been using both drives for about a year to read and write Cds and DVDs and had never had a problem


  1. both drives and read AND Write CDs
  2. I have reinstalled the firmwares
  3. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the hardware
  4. I have “restored” my computer to its original state when it arrived from Dell

and I’m still not having any luck

Dell is sending me an original set of Windows XP discs so I can reinstall Windows from scratch but I’m not convinced that will help and until then any guidance and/or would be greatly appreciated

This is most likely a lens problem.

I don’t think it could be anything else as like you said, you’ve already installed a host of different firmwares and it has had no effect on your problem.

I think that the DVD part of the lens in the drive may have died, it is possible after all. There are usually two parts of a lens in most drives - one for CDs and one for DVDs. If only one reads and burns, then the other is faulty.

Have you tried using a DVD Lens Cleaner in this drive? Or tried opening up the drive and cleaning the lens physically? It could help.

I think that this is all you have left to do. You could try carrying out a fresh install of Windows if you want but I suspect that it will not solve your problem.

Hi, I have a LG DVDRAM GSA-4163B and I now cannot burn DVDs. It will play CDs and DVDs, but will only burn CDs. Is this the same problem with the lens? As it still reads DVDs I suspect not. You probably require more info than this (!), can you let me know what I need to post back to you? I’d apreciate the help…

Try reading [this]
which will lead you to this [this]
and ultimately you will end up [here].

Re: manual drive calibration

Wow! That’s a lot of info! I read through it, but I also read in another post about problems with round cables? I have been using a round cable for the dvd drives for a few months with no probs. But now the burner doesn’t like burning dvd’s I swapped the cable for a flat ribbon cable. Guess what? I have burnt 2 discs successfully. Hopefully that is my problem solved. I’m more than a little surprised that I never read anything in any of the mags or forums about round cables before - except that they were much better inside a tower 'cos of the extra space they freed up,better air flow, etc.
Anyway, thanks a lot. I’ll soon post in again if it all goes belly up…