Both DVD Writers Are Scraching DVD+R disks

Three weeks ago i had a NEC 1300a that i had for 2 years with no problems, but then in its final few weeks the DVD+R disks i would burn would on usual occasions get a Scratch or sometimes two coming from the outside edge of the DVD+R disk inwards. They were Ritek disks and looked perfect before burning. I bought a batch of 500 (5 x 100), no probs with 200 of them then this one batch problems, i opened another batch of 100 and still the same problems. I believe i also tried a few Verbatim +R’s with the same scratches problem.

PC world reluctantly swapped this drive for a Sony 720a DVD drive they said in there opinion it was not the drive that was faulty and i would get the same problems if they replaced drives, but they reluctantly did replace it. But like they said i have started having the same problems with this new Sony drive too, DVD+R’s at edge getting scratches of varying length going inwards. (it doesnt seem to be happening with DVD-rs for some reason, or at least it hasnt yet)

Like i say the Disks look perfect before burning and they are Riteks. But for it to happen on two drives is unlikely. What is causing this and how do i fix it. I have my computer on a proper computer stand, (as PC world said it could be caused by vibrations due to use of a poor computer stand). And am using windows XP.


If possible, try a few of the blanks disks from the same spindle on another computer, obviously with a different drive and see what happens. If that works OK, try your drive on the other computer and see what happens.

Basically, it is a process of elimination. Let us know what happens :slight_smile:

If that works OK, try your drive on the other computer

The drives are internal, i.e physically impossible to remove and try on another drive (im not a qualified technician to even attemp it)


The drives aren’t welded to the case :wink: I’m sure there are some directions on your case at the mfgr web site or in a manual you got with it. It’s pretty easy.

I found that when I tried crap disc’s and I mean crap discs on an NEC-2510 they would come out looking scratched on the outer edges or sometimes a bit blotchy.

These were the old CMC minus 4x which I have NEVER had a decent burn with.

yes but these are ritek (arita) which are generally regarded as one of the best you can get.

Also thanks for peoples suggestions but i really am not confident/skilled enough to go opening up and removing drives from my system.

Plus i know no other person with a computer so theres none to test them with.

It’s idiot proof nowadays.

Plug it all in the way it came out and then XP automatically configures it all.

It’s simple as hell and literally takes 5 min. There are only 3 cables, the big ribbon type cable, and 2 small cables, one for audio one for power. When you plug it back in, XP does the rest when you reboot. :iagree:

Ritek are generally regarded as top of the range, but unfortunately, the Arita disks are normally not grade “A” Ritek media. They are usually “B” grade at best, unless they have changed dramatically over the last few months.

Ritek in ‘europe’ vary from being good to dire - depends on what factory made them, and whether they are A, B or C grade - even A grade is not as good as great verb’s or TY.

I thought older Arita’s were often overprint Ritek’s? The ones’s I got from SVP (ayear ago or more) where overprints. Although they burnt fine in my NEC, I gave the lot to a friend after burning maybe 5 discs - they were only being used for temp storage whilst PC’s / drives were reconfigured - not worth wasting better media on such a task.