Both DVD-RW Just stoped reading

I have read many of the previouse threads on this but none have helped, and iv tryed everything in the read first thread…

I have 2 lite-on dvd rw (one single layer and one double layer)… the versions are:
I am also using windows xp…

about a month ago both the drives stopped reading DVD-RW disks so I could not write with them (both at the same time)… I tryed re-installing windows… that failed… I update the firmware… that failed too… I have checked over all the cables and now one of my drives has stoped reading anything… I have used DVD lens cleaners many times and still no hope…

Someone help… Please?

Just how old are they?

only about a year and a bit… its not software though as it doesnt read in dos or boot…

I would open the drives and clean the lens with Alcohol and a Q-Tip

il have to try that later as iv only used one of them disks to clean it… and because one of the drives wont recognise a cd it doesnt spin…

Isnt it strange that they both went at the same time tho?

Yes strange. The drive in my LiteOn recorder would not read the cleaning CD (I am a smoker) After I cleaned the lens with a Q-Tip I would read the cleaning CD.

I tend to buy DVD burners in pairs (for each computer) twice now both had to be replaced within weeks of each other,

The first thing that I would do is naturally try the drives in another computer, or try a different drive in the same computer. That will tell you for sure if it is the drive or other software or hardware.

If both drives are having problems with RW discs…have you considered it could be the discs that are the problem?

Do the drives read -R and +R OK? If so that would indicate the DVD laser is still working OK.

How many different brands of DVD-RW have you tried?