Both DVD drives gone after replacing power supply

I just replaced my PSU(OEM COMPAQ 300watt) with an Antec True Power II 430 & afterwards Both DVD drives(both Lite-On 1 reader & 1 writer) are gone. Neither of them show up under “My Computer” or in Windows Device Manager or Nero Info Tool. I labeled every PSU connection with tape before I replaced the PSU so I know I didn’t miss any power connections. Both drives have power. I can insert a Disc into each of them. When they close the lights come on as usual to check the disc but I cannot access them in the PC.

Anyone have any ideas? :sad:

1st of all, do they show up in the bios? if not check your ide connections and try again.

Geez… I guess I must have knocked the Secondard IDE connection loose to the MoBo. All is well now.

Thanks for replying.

thought so :slight_smile: easy enough mistake to make.