Both Drives NOT READING DVDs (but can read CDs and CD ROMs)



I have this drive and also a TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TS-H493B SCSI CdRom Device.

Both are on a Dell Inspiron 531 desktop running Vista Ult.

This computer came with Vista Prem and everything worked fine (originally). The PC started failing and requiring restarts and the usual Vista/PC crap. I then formatted and installed Vista Ult.

The drives actually worked for a few days, then started to stop reading DVDs. They will read a CD or a program disc, but not a movie. Both drives.

I went through Dell support and the tech was very helpful. We tried to uninstall and reinstall. We did the firmware (again). She also tried codecs and installing Power DVD since it looked like the codecs were not there for DVDs. It didn’t work and she recommended formatting and installing Vista again.

That process was a PITA, so I am asking you guys for help.

Is there anything else I can try before I reinstall?


Hi and Welcome!

please try this:
If you don’t have a Raid setup, reconfigure the Sata controller to IDE in BIOS setup and see if things improve.

On the software side, you might try VLC media player.


EDIT: What is the other drive?