Both are doomed, HD-DVD is just a little less doomed than Blu-ray




Sounds good for all the ppl who bought the equipment to play HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs.


It’s odd, but the reasons given do seem plausible. If I can get to this (I’m seriously behind on processing my own submits), I’ll try to condense it to the ‘meat’ of the matter.


Lol :slight_smile: HD-DVD is the anti-christ :stuck_out_tongue:

Sony/Blue-Ray is the last bastion of Christian Values! Wait! The Japanese aren’t christians!
I find the assertion that Sony are boycotting porn highly suspicious … especially when Japan is obsessed with it, more than any other nation.

Can you spell … [B]unsubstantiated propaganda[/B]?
How about low down and dirty tactics by the HD-DVD fanboys?


Yeah, it says that HD DVD is doomed but doesn’t go much into it.