Both 109 drives stopped burning

I have 2 pioneer dvdr 109 drives, they currently both have the latest firmware (1.58)…dma is activated in windows and both are using dma4 ultra66…the drives no longer burn, i have unistalled them and the controllers also to no avail…every now and then one of the drives will burn a disc, all other failures just leave me with a blank disc…i can hear the drive spin up then spin down and it repeats this for a few minutes then stops. I cant remember installing any new software prior to this happening, it just seemd to happen overnight…any advice greatly appreciated…thanks

We really need more info to be able to help you with.

Logfiles (remove serials!), MID info, media brand names, etc etc.

If you have XP have you tried a roll back to a previous time?
Of course the registry might be screwed, have you played a Sony cd? Have you used a root kit finder to check your machine?
It is possible that your drives have failed but I find that highly improbable.
ps Welcome to the club.

Hi, thanks for the welcome ;)…in answer to first post, i looked at pasting the error log from nero on here but upon viewing it i could clearly see it was reporting dma was off !!..very strange as my OS is reporting dma currently running at dma4 ultra66…the view i get from device manager to to see if dma is enabled is different from all the screens shots i have seen for windows xp, i dont know whether this has anything to do with me having a 64bit platform, a box was checked to allow bios to set dma, bios was reporting that dma and pio were set at auto, there was no other viable alternatives to this…what i did was from within windows disable the bios from setting dma then i set drives to pio then rebooted then put them back to dma but unchecking the bios option box and i have since been able to do a dual burn at 16x to both drives. I think what kept causing the read errors to make it drop back was that one of the cables for one of the drives was not an ultra ata cable so when performing dual burns (which i do a lot of) one of the drives would be lagging and occasionally i would get errors after which each time the situation got worse.
I will keep you posted if i encounter the same problems…but one thing i have learnt to do is read the error log file and DONT assume windows is correct :wink: