Botched flash on Samsung (SCSI) SN-324F CD-R/DVD-ROM

I was unable to play DL disks on my laptop and figured upgrading the firmware would slove my problem. (Problem was with booktype, and me being a moron.) Flashed the wrong firmware (first time anyone’s done that eh?). Now my Windows XP says the drive is a “Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device” however it see’s any media I put in it as a plague. (Blue screen of death time.)

Now I have all the tools, (boot disk, right firmware etc.) I even burned an .iso of the “Firmware Flashing Bootdisk” with all the bells and whistles. This is where I get stuck:

Do I have to get an SCSI to IDE adapter or is there a way to flash to a SCSI device? All the Flash utilities require switch settings for master slave, SS, whatever. If so shouldn’t I just buy a new drive instead of buy the adapter? Is there a program or method for flashing SCSI?

I’ve tried Samsung’s sfdnwin program but it says “Firmware is not compatiable…” (Anyone make a fix for sfdwin to bypass the drive check???)

Any help would be appreciated by one and all. -Kyle

This has nothing to do with SCSI.

Your ONLY chance would be to use a DOS-flasher and a suitable firmware!
Check out etna’s site.

After more investigation I realize I’ve misspoke calling it a “SCSI drive”. I also realize it’s an slim ATAPI to IDE that would be needed to connect it to a desktop. I checked out and acqured the proper firmware.

My switch question remains the same. Is it possible to write to a laptop drive not configured as an IDE device (PM, PS, SM, SS)? How can I find the correct port tell the DOS-flasher to write to?

I should rename the thread. I flashed the drive fine. The problem is my laptop would have nothing to do with the upgraded firmware (U205).

Bought one of them fancy Slim ATAPI to IDE apaters for 10 bucks.

Took my laptop apart with a dull knife and hooked the drive up to my desktop. Desktop saw the drive fine. Worked fine. I flashed the drive back to the rev printed on it (U200, region free of-course) stuffed it back in the laptop and once again all was right in the universe.

I’d sure like to know what’s so special about the laptop that it can’t see any drive except the stock one. Must be some Gateway propritary BS or someting. I’ve found some other threads with similar issues with this drive and apparently re-installing XP solved the problem. There’s also been mention of BIOS upgrading. (Not touching that one, I done flashing for a while.)

Many thanks to digi, Dale, chef and etna for supporting the cause. -Kyle