Botched drive flash, now cant boot

I flashed my liteon 812s to the us0n firmware using mktflash, this seemed to go ok, but now i cant boot my machine unless the drive is unplugged, anyone have any idea what i did wrong, and how to fix it, if i cant boot with the drive plugged in.

regards, max

The drive was probably misflashed. There was no reason to use mtkflash as the flash tool if the drive was working fine when you flashed. Now you should either disable the IDE channel that the drive is connected to in BIOS or unplug the drive’s IDE cable until you’re in DOS and ready to flash again.

  1. GO into the BIOS and set the drive to “none” instead of “auto”. This may or may not be sufficient. Skip to step 3.

  2. If not, unplug the drive’s ribbon cable. NOT THE POWER CABLE. And boot.

2a. Once you’re booted, plug the RIBBON cable back in.

  1. Run the windows version of mtkflash, and flash a known good BINARY BIOS onto the drive.

  2. Reboot when prompted.

This resurrected my dead Liteon just yesterday. :slight_smile:

  • Gurm

Be careful! MTK WinFlash does not currently work for Liteon DVD Burners. Only mtkflash in DOS is suitable for recovering misflashed Liteon DVD Burners.

Really? I recovered my Liteon 166S yesterday with it. Is it only unacceptable for BURNERS? Or for all Liteon?

  • Gurm