Bosch Security External DVD

I acquired two used Bosch DVR/Camera Multiplexer units at a surplus sale for increased security at amateur radio repeater sites. The device has been out of production for over five years so parts and upgrades are difficult to find. The DVR portion of the device has two 160GB internal drives and a back panel connection for additional storage or a DVD writer. I would like to add the later but haven’t been able to find the unit manufactured by Bosch.

The DVR firmware revision history refers to an upgrade to allow use of DVD writers with TSOJ firmware. After tracing that back to LiteOn, I determined the front of the SOHW-1213s drive that uses TSOJ firmware matches the Bosch external drive. That would have been all I needed except, the connection between the DVR and any external drives is SCSI, though the internal 160 GB drives are IDE.

The question remains what circuitry is in the external case to transition from SCSI to IDE. I’m assuming that it was purchased by Bosch with electronics installed if not with the DVD drive installed and possibly direct from LiteOn. Here is a picture of the drive:

The back panel has two 50 pin SCSI connectors, an address selection switch and an AC power inlet.

Has anyone seen this case with DVD writer and SCSI interface before or the SCSI to IDE conversion circuit or both that you can point me to? Does the ATAPI standard’s ability to pass SCSI commands come into play for this application?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!