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A Horseshoe Bend woman was arrested at the Izard County Department of Health in Melbourne after she was found to have submitted another person’s urine during a drug test.
Twenty-six-year-old Megan Stanton was found to have a container of urine on her person after taking a drug test with someone else’s urine. The container being held by Stanton tested positive for methamphetamine.
Sheriff Tate Lawrence said it appearred Stanton had substituted the urine for test purposes at the Department of Health, but the substitute urine also tested positive for meth. According to Lawrence, Stanton appeared to be heavily under the influence of drugs such that she was unable to appear in court on July 21 as scheduled, and remains in the Izard County Detention Facility on a no-bond status until an available court date.




he is right


Watch the movie Idiocracy and you will see our future. That movie is prophetic.


[QUOTE=UTR;2757628]Watch the movie Idiocracy and you will see our future. That movie is prophetic.[/QUOTE] It may be prophetic but unfortunately not very funny.


It is mildly funny in a socially morbid sort of way. IMO, an entertaining critique on the dumbing down of society. The best part of the movie is the first five minutes.