Boris F/X & Adobe Premiere 5.1a



Can anybody help me to get Boris F/X and adobe premiere 5.1a


Please contact me if you found the Boris F/X… UIN: 37935817

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Hey hello,

Try it at this site:
They have got lots of downloads

grtz Ruud


we are not seeking for shareware…

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I need Adobe Premiere too, but only the Ducht version. I also need Ulead Media Studio Pro 5.0. Does anyone have these programs for me? Let me know…

The Force


Adobe premiere 5.0 is available in dutch, but 5.1 only UK version.

I found adobe premiere 5.1 on CB34 and Boris FX on CB26 (but that’s an old version: 3.02)

So if anyone have a newer version of Boris FX, please contact me at ICQ: 12512481


Does anyone know the best place (the cheapest) in Holland, where to buy a Canopus DV-Raptor video-editing card ?

What’s the normal price of this card?

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