What is the one thing that will always cure this?

death or one endless orgasm

Can I have door number 2?

Spider Solitaire or Arcade Bubbles. Works for me every time :wink:


That works both ways - it can also be the cause for boredom!


This lady is on an airplane and is seated next to a man named Ian McKegney. About half an hour after they take off, Ian sneezed. He calmly opened his fly, took out his penis and wiped it with a handkerchief. The lady was shocked but a little too shy to say anything.
About 15 minutes later, Ian sneezed again and then once more opened his fly, grabbed his penis and wiped it off. The lady could not beleive it, and being to shy to mention it, she thought to herself, “If he does that again, I’m definitely going to mention it.”

Well, guess what? About 10 minutes later, Ian sneezed again and proceeded as before. She turned to Ian and said, “That is disgusting! Must you do that in front of me?” Ian apologized and explained that it was a medical condition, “Every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm,” he explained.

“Really, what do you take for that?” she asked.

Ian replied, “Pepper.”

lots and lots of midget p0rn

Just felt that was what samlar wanted. :slight_smile:

No the correct answer to this post was to stop reading your own post at

You have read your own posts so far? (I usually don’t.)

Tax, that’s an old joke, but still funny.