Which of these fun things would you like to do?

Go on mIRC. If I’m bored I just want to have a laugh.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Boredom leads to anger
Anger leads to …

err… wait a minute.

I’d like a nice DivX movie , some snacks and a drink please…

Of course had to select the option that mentions my name :bigsmile:

when I am bored, I just do what everybody else does : perfect my plan to take over the world, right pinky?


call my friends up, espically the lady friends, and go do something. usually helps the boredom

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espically the lady friends

He asked for real things, not for dreams :wink:


There should be another option : Stare into empty space and do absolutely nothing until something happens to you.

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He asked for real things, not for dreams :wink:

shitt, you have no idea buddy :bigsmile:

Be evil like me (or tax)

The diet Coke of Evil, just one calorie…


That’s Pepsi of course! (with nuthin added)

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That’s Pepsi of course! (with nuthin added) [/B]

Can i have real cola instead ?

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Can i have real cola instead ?

Haha, I totally agree :bigsmile:

Put on your favorite music, lie on the bed and read something. Gaze out of the window, see some beautiful sights (no pun intended) to soothe your eyes and then get back !

A beer to complement this as well :bigsmile:

When done, start compling thingz to burn. If there’s nothing to burn, go get a muV, rip and encode it or hunt for your age old CDs and re-burn them. While its being done, get back to your music and book.

Ahh TV sweet TV.

wow. apparently alot of people drink when they’re bored… cheers! But no one likes to flog a dolphin… maybe if we were to combine Drink and flog a dolphin together…