I’m not even sure why. I just feel like everything is running along smoothly between my “new” DVD-Burners finally that I really have no issues and nothing to work out there anymore. All discs I have will burn perfectly for me from Optodisc OR4 @ 8x/12x, CMC Mag F01 8x/12x, 8x DVD+R TY’s all the way up to 16x, and RicohJPNR01 up to 8x/12x.

I just never thought the DVD Burners would become “just” another piece of hardware for me but the new drives really appear to function quite nicely once they get settled in and you get the bugs worked out in the system. sigh Maybe I can find something else to break… :slight_smile:

I was tempted to even order 100-200 more of the Optodisc OR4’s (Intenso 4x DVD+R branded media) from Tigerdirect while they are still so cheap considering how nice they burn off for me in the BenQ at 8x. :frowning: I just don’t really want to spend the money for anymore media considering the stock I have and I really should get another 512-1 gigabyte of RAM installed in the PC yet.

If there’s a burner that is “boring” it’s definitely the 1620.:bigsmile: Works perfectly. Maybe we could email the engineers at BenQ and have them “throw a wrench in the gears” with the next firmware.:smiley:

I remember reading where Zevia had posted that he was bored with his 1620’s too.:slight_smile: The boredom must be spreading.

Valentines Day is near. Spend it on the wife or gal friend. Just a thought.

Problem with being single again is I have to much time to spend tinkering on the computer. Gahhhh, I might have to check into working an extra day a week at work or something to keep boredom down to a minimum, hehe.

lol Well i spend to much time on this thang. I’m not really bored, i just need to find some decent -R media for testing and this town just don’t have any. Mail order seems to be a crap shoot. Anyway i am married so my $ needs to go on the wife for Valentines Day atleast for now. By the way there’s new NEC 3500 f/w to play with if your bored with your BenQ :wink:

Kudos to BenQ’s engineers…I’m bored with the drive also. It’s too PERFECT! :bow: Someday they will release new firmware and maybe I can get my total PIF count into the single digits? :wink:

My next goal is a 12x burn under 6 minutes. :wink: Fastest I’ve had was 6:28 at 12x. @rolling56, only places I’d trust for -R media I’m sure you already know about.,, and

What about this?

I also saw had 50 pack spindles of Verbatim 8x DVD-R and DVD+R media for $19.50 I think it was. It’s so tempting to order 100 of those TY’s though especially since they are silver matte… ugh, sigh. hehe

Welcome to the boring club. :stuck_out_tongue:
It seems that 16x under 6 minutes thread is easy now with the qscan trick…
And hall of fame is also easy as long as we use quality media…

How about making another interesting thread?
For example, 16x under 6 minutes 99%?
Or make it a little difficult: 16x under 6 minutes 99% 20-PIE?
Or some kind of speed and quality burn competition?
Or less difficult, 16x under 6 minutes 97%?
Design the rule and I’m in. :cool:

Hmmmm, I don’t get to much into the competitions but if you guys really want something to shoot for: 12x under 6 minutes with at least a 98% quality score. :wink: Like I said, best I ever did was a 6:28 with a quality score of 97 at 12x but that was on Optodisc OR4 4x DVD+R Intenso branded media… if I used Ridata or TY’s it’s hard to say if that wouldn’t be even easier to break. I didn’t use the qscan trick - didn’t even know there was a trick with qscan to do that, hehe. :slight_smile:

12x under 6 minutes with at least a 98% quality score :eek:

I think it’s doable personally. If someone would break that barrier we need to email that to BenQ support or someone over there so they can hang the picture of the scan in all their cubicles so they can remember exactly why they make their drives and how good they really are. :wink:

Braxas, what’s the minimum disc size? And it can be + or - R right?

Any format, any speed disc, any brand. Start with a full disc and go from there. It isn’t possible that I see with the TY’s I have currently. No other rules apply to this. :slight_smile:

A new toy for 1620 is supposed to be on the corner…

which corner? lots of corners in my area… :smiley:

I´d like to be my DW1620 a little more boring … obviously they heard your praying and really did sth against those boring, perfect burns - producing the writer I got :frowning: :a

Should I understand that you did not attempt to RMA your defective drive ?

Don’t wait too long.

Well - I only received it on Monday and will send it back tomorrow … not sure whether I should get a new one from the shop as they will probably have more of the same batch. Already searching whether “Made in Malaysia”, October 2004, may be a bad batch but havent found any so far.

Maybe they opened up a new ODD factory there and things will get better, or they decided to sell crap as bulk/OEM now (esp. as the G7T9 firmware Shuttle offers for their BenQ OEM drive since Jan 27th is somehow castrated in re: Disc Quality Scanning. Leaves a bad taste for me…