I’m really bored here, so I have descided to ask people to solve this question.
What does Semper est magnus clamor in urbe Roma mean? It’s very easy :wink:

PS: It’s from a real language

It’s latin :stuck_out_tongue: And because it’s almost vacation i am too bored to translate it :stuck_out_tongue:
hahaha… no… here’s my try:
There is much noise in the city Rome

I don’t know exactly what semper is…

If you are really bored you can translate my Latin texts… I hate to translate these @#%#&*@#(@ things :frowning:

Close, semper means all the time or always.

I am bored as hell right now. I’m waiting to leave the hospital and start my vacation. :bow: Only 30 minutes to go. :iagree:

im not bored so much to do ! i finished work yesterday at noon and am not due back until jan the 4th but i will still be working, as will many other females :wink:


hehee you must be bored you are counting the mins now;) have a nice christmas Doc hope you get all you want:p

Thanks.Norty ,ditto.
Home now :iagree: I wonder if I should start my shopping tonight or wait till tomorrow :confused:

I’m at work right now and I’m bored. :iagree:

Almost Christmas