Borderling PIF CD's



Hey I posted this in Newbie forum as well but gonna post it here too (forgive me Admins/Mods)

I got some CMC AE1 coded discs that produce borderline PIF and PI failiures on KProbe and suc wont play on my GF’s old old DVD player…

Will burning at 1x produce a better result that burning at 8x or 4x?



The discs are designed to work at their optimum speed, 8x in this case, and reducing the speed will make no difference to the quality of the burn. Also they don’t make machines and discs with 1x in mind so it is unlikely you will be able to burn at that speed anyway.

Make sure you have your firmware and burning software updated, and make sure the discs are clean and your burner is clean inside.

Finally check that antivirus software and any other things that might interupt the burning is swtiched off while you try a disc.

Of course it could just be that the discs are low quality and so nothing you do will give you a good burn.


I have got the latest firmware and it has no problems burnin CD’s so I think I got a dodgy batch and thus I will just coaster the rest for practice and buy some decent disks next time lol