Borat DVD to iPod help

ok so when I burnt Borat I split the movie so I had the main movie and the extras on different discs. I’m trying to put the extras on my iPod and some of the files have audio/video sync problems. Most of the titles do not work but a couple do (the audio is behind the video by the way) and I don’t know why…the dvd works absolutly perfect. I’ve checked it multiple times. Any suggestions?

Which profile were you using when you did the movie (which works) and the extras(which don’t)? Also, did Fab apply compression to the Extras disc or did the Quality stay at 100%? Extra features are often encoded at lower bitrates than the feature. This may be confusing the codec. Maybe Ting will drop by and tell us:) .

ha that’d be nice…um when I burned the extras there was no compression applied and its a couple of the EXTRAS that work and a couple EXTRAS that don’t (ha I’m trying not to be confusing). It’s weird because for example title 2 will work fine but title 7 will be out of sync. I burnt the two discs a while ago using shrink. When I try to put them on my iPod I use MPEG 4 format, video bitrate of 768 kbps, 2 - pass, 320x240 resolution, and 128 audio kbps.

That’s good information–what Ting will need to know to be able to help. Does it work if you do one-pass? Is this the Region 1 (USA/Can) version?

Hi Foxx11,

For the A/V sync problem, do you mean audio and vidoe is normal, just doesn’t match? or the audio is played like fast forward?

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hey fengtao! the audio and video play normally, but they don’t match. The audio is behind the video when watching…so I know what is said before I actually hear it.

And signals, it won’t work for 1 pass either and it is region 1.

I’m starting to think there might be a problem with my computer though? Maybe that’s why I’m having such a problem with DVD to iPod conversions? Videora, Super, and Handbrake all stop right at the end of the encoding process and I have no clue why. They weren’t doing this 2 days ago but now I can’t encode even smallest file because they always get to 98 or 100% and then don’t do anything. Maybe PC error with FAB too?