Bootsitting, bitsetting?what is that?

what is that???
sound like I can change a DVD-r to a DVD+r!!!
I have seen a software where I can change that?

I am totally clueless, could u inform me.
I did search, I dodnt find anything simple for a newbie like me.

No it changes DVD+R to DVD-ROM so that it is more compatible with DVD players.

Some newer set-top DVD players are still ‘picky’ about - or + and for those you need to reset the ‘bitsetting’ to ROM so the disk will play. This is done when the disk is burned. Some burners will do this automatically and some need to be set manually. Some burners will not bitset RW disks or DL disks or both.

Welcome to the journey :wink:

So I have a LDW-832S. I got the “special” firmware to upgrade it to SOHW-832S and everything, but can you guys tell me what to download (to bitset), and how it does it? I use AnyDVD and CloneDVD to burn DVD’s. I mainly use DVD+R’s. If you give me a link to get a bitsetting program, do I need to run it before everyburn? Does it actually write to the DVD? What if I use Fuji DVD+R instead of Memorex DVD+R?

Today I also bought a SOHW-1973S. Now what about bitsetting here? Thanks guys!

OK. I downloaded the firmware again to upgrade my LDW-851S to SOHW-832S and got that OmniPatcher program. I selected autobitsetting then applied. Is that it? :?