Bootleger goes to extreme's

check this out…
tuesday i purchesed v is for vendeta, backed it up with shrink. no problems
this is where it gets funny.well i had a friend get a bootleg from some unknown person. well low & behold it was of ok overall pic quality,so this friend asked me to copy it. i figured it to not be encrypted so i tryed to just copy,no go!! i thought it was crazy,so i tryed shrink,still no go!! i said no f–ken way!! :a then dvd decrypter,still no soap!!(well,tell me this isnt so)
finally had to use dvd fab & it went threw fine.shrink handled it fine after this. I know tis thread is about copy protection,so just had to share this with all. the error’s on shrink were invaled structer(cant spell). i cant believe a bootleger has gone threw all this trouble to protect this disk!!they even reareanged a menu & put some of there own stuff on it!!(junk) all in all looks like everyone is trying to protect there investment & stop people from copying!!has anyone else incountered anything like this?? for all that read this have a chuckle. :iagree:

Copy protected Bootleg, no but I once watched a bootleg with custom menu like you say.