Bootleg DVDs worth £1.5 million found in Sussex house raid

I just posted the article Bootleg DVDs worth £1.5 million found in Sussex house raid.

By way of I found this article reporting that in Sussex (UK) the police found bootleg DVDs worth 1.5 million pound.

Thousands of counterfeit DVDs and videos have been seized…

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Imho they only got what they deserve. :+

They were selling them, so the punishment on them is all ok. If they were’nt selling them then I would have to say fuck the whole crackdown.

Stupid gets!!! What the hell these poeple are doing with £1.5 million worth of DVD’s etc is beyond me… They’re so bloody stupid they thought they’d get away with it. Not so, and they deserve everything they get. It’s these decrepid crackerjacks that have spoilt a lot of good things for us mere little folk. The more of these idiots they catch the better. No wonder the likes of the RIAA and groups like them are so wound up… if it was just one or two folk on their own and not selling for profit themselves they wouldn’t have the RIAA etc after them. But no, they’ve got to make millions. Why if they can do that to make money can’t they do something legitamately? Oh, sorry, that’s “…not screwing the system…”. Silly sods… :+

I doubt this is some small time guy out to make some money. This looks like fund raising for organised crime. The classic money maker for these guys has always been drugs, but now they realise they can make lots of money with this stuff with a fraction of the risk. Do you think the punishment for 1.5m worth or pirate movies is as bad as 1.5m worth of heroin? Same money, less risk.

no, no… those people in Sussex, have more than 20,000 computers at home. They didn’t Know those stuff were counterfeit. Release them! :7

Good. These people are scum. They take whats not intended for them (ie: Warez) and mass produce to sell. They are not a part of the scene and are not welcome to join. Hope they get hairy cell mates named Bubba. :wink:

BIG hairy cellmates called Bubba…!! (maybe the Bubba they’ll get works for the RIAA?? Wouldn’t that be interesting? There’s a movie there somewhere…) :g