Bootingup...98 works/xp doesnot

Hi to all
My first.I am a freshman here.
Anyone rags?
Here is my question.It has to be the mobo.
Old P3 Machine.No CD drive.Formatted its 6.3GB Hard disk (Seagate) andinstalled XP,with another machine,(another P3 but with Giga mobo) and it worksfine with that machine.
When transferred back to the Inter moboed P3,screen goes blank after the “Samsung” pic, Can clearly,understand that the Hard diskrunning.But no bootup.
Remove the Hard disk,put another hard dik,previously working withsimilar machine,(loaded with 98) …works just fine.Boots upandallthat.
That same 98 hard disk works finewith the P3 used forthe formatting and installation of the XP.
1.Can not get tothe Bios,of the intelmachine.
2.How to make the Hard diskbootup and runningin the intel machine?

Please help.Thankz.

First things first. If you can’t get to the bios of the Intel pc then you’re pretty much out of luck. You should be able to get to the bios without and disk at all. Next, Windows 98 and XP are different animals, so what works with one doesn’t mean it will work with the other. Your chances of getting XP to run on Intel pc are slim to none if it was installed on a different pc, the reasons being beyond the scope of this thread. I’ve only mananged to do it twice and that was by disabling everyhting I could in the bios of the install machine and doing a minimal installation of XP and then booting into safe mode of the other pc. But as I’ve said, if you can’t get to the bios of the intel pc, something else is wrong. If you have a usb port on the Intel pc and access to a usb cdrom, you could do the install that way, as you don’t need to boot the XP disk to install it, you just have to run the setup.exe on the disk. You could even try it with a flash drive.

Whappo! you reallyare and you are a godsent.
No USB cdrom drive.
Mobospecs if they are of any use:
Pyramid -9
PCB No:BA-41-00167A
Rev - MP 1.0681A - 39GA
Date 2000 - 04 - 21

How to reach the Bios? Resetting of the Battery (On the MOBO)would do?How many battery in there? I could see only one,Isthat the clock cell they are referring to?

You don’t need a battery to get to the bios. The battery is usually needed to keep track of the time and on older motherboard’s like yours some bios settings, but even without a battery you should still be able to boot into the bios. If you can’t, then I don’t know what is wrong. If the bios rom is not fried then you’re not getting enough power to the motherboard That’s the only thing I can think of. Good luck.

Can you PM me,Whappo?
I wanted toknow whether the taking out and replacing the same cell (battery)on the PCB,wouldreset the bios.
Not much power coming on tothe MB?That is interesting and I shall look into that. Also the other slave connections of the IDE cards are not working,if put with thesame HD.Give a solution to gettothe bios.Please?

There is no solution to get into your bios. You either can or can’t. If you can not, then something is wrong with your motherboard or the bios rom chip itself. Removing the battery and ‘resetting’ the bios will not help. You need someone who can trouble shoot your motherboard, someone with some electronics experience and some test equipment.
When was the last time you actually had this motherboard working?.

an installed XP you happen to have on a HDD in all likelihood
WILL NOT bootup on another computer than for that which it was originally installed.

Even on an IDENTICAL computer XP often will not work,
because XP even looks at the unique serial number of
the MoBo…

Can you run XP on a P3? I’m sure you can, and that will be a real “fireball” of a computer… It’ll move with all the breathtaking speed of continental drift. LOL :slight_smile: