Booting to DOS in XP w/ NTFS

Hello everyone. Perhaps someone can give me some educatin’. I need to flash my BTC 4012IM CD-RW and I have the firmware updates and mtkflash.exe. The problem I have is that I have WinXP Pro on my system with an NTFS file structure which is inaccessible through a real DOS boot. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? Thanks in advance

If you only need to read from the NTFS partition, then there are some boot disks available with read-only DOS NTFS drivers. There’s one here:

You could also make a small FAT partition using something like Partition Magic or you could also work right off of a floppy disk.

Is your drive a BTC BCO4016IM? I would really recommend making a firmware backup before flashing, and if you could send it to me I’d appreciate it!

make a bootdisk;

use drdos7.x…and copy the files you need to flash to the disk

Thank you both for your help, but I need a little more help. This is my first attempt at flashing anything, and I figured out a solution to my problem, but another has reared it’s ugly head. I copied the files (BIDEX.HEX and MTKFLASH.EXE) I recieved from BTC onto a FAT formatted floppy, but I think I’m doing something wrong. when I run MTKFLASH, it just sits there at the cursor and does nothing.

Directory of my floppy, and I run FL.BAT per BTC’s instructions.
Volume in drive B has no label
Volume Serial Number is 403C-6B50
Directory of B:\

BIDE0 HEX 141,373 08-26-02 4:12p
BIDE1 HEX 128,174 08-26-02 4:12p
BIDE2 HEX 22,422 08-26-02 4:12p
BIDE3 HEX 48,991 08-26-02 4:12p
BIDE4 HEX 149,345 08-26-02 4:12p
BIDE5 HEX 147,095 08-26-02 4:12p
BIDE6 HEX 170,050 08-26-02 4:12p
BIDE7 HEX 71,800 08-26-02 4:12p
FL BAT 308 01-13-03 12:02p
MTKFLASH PIF 2,855 05-05-03 4:33p
MTKFLASH EXE 48,828 08-21-02 3:34p
OUTPUT TXT 0 05-11-03 11:17p
12 file(s) 931,241 bytes
0 dir(s) 522,240 bytes free

Contents of FL.bat
rem ‘f means MTKFLASH 3 W /M4 bide.hex …(4banks)’
rem ‘f 4 means MTKFLASH 4 W /M4 bide.hex …(4banks)’
@echo off
if 1%1 == 1 goto default
if 1%1 == 14 goto slave
goto end

@echo on
mtkflash 3 w /m4 bide.hex
goto end

@echo on
mtkflash 4 w /m4 bide.hex
goto end


And to answer your question, My drive is a BTC4012IM, if you need that backup (and I can figure out how to make it work) I will be more than happy to send it to you. Thanks.

Yes, please send me the backup of your firmware before the flash, and also the files from BTC. If you feel really generous I’d love to have a backup of your firmware after updating too :slight_smile:

In order for FL.bat to work, the drive must be on the secondary channel. Where is your drive connected?

I will freely admit that this is where my knowledge falters. I have an IBM HDD that is on it’s own IDE ribbon (connecting it to the motherboard–whatever that cable is called)
Then I have a Creative 52X CD only drive that is “first” on the second ribbon, and then the BTC 4012IM. I therefore assume that the BTC would be the secondary slave? Seriously, I get needlessly confused by this. I can tell you what windows reports via the Device Manager, though I don’t know if it’s the info you wanted.

HDD Location 0 (0)
Creative Location 0 (0)
BTC Location 1 (1)

You can use Nero InfoTool to see how your IDE devices are connected.