Booting says windows not correct shutdown

Using velossd with 64 GB ssd.
It works pretty fast:) – too fast?
The problem is, after every correct shutdown -
the next reboot says ‘windows not correct ended’,
so I have to choose the normal window boot -
and then windows goes on very quick and correct.
But I must choose the normal window boot every time:confused:

hi okmonik

Version will fix it. Elitebytes say it will be release yesterday :wink: but edit the Post :wink:

installed the new Release but furthermore I have the same problem.
The windows boot menu welcomes me every morning :sad:


I have no Problems with V in the last 48h.
have you complete Removed VeloSSD?
The uninstall system of VeloSSD not removed the veloSSD.sys so in some case you use the old driver!

I have reinstall my system befor I install Version so no old driver are on the System.

hi Nero FX,

thanks for your good hint.
Driver in the programm directory - new one
Driver in the windows32/drivers directory - new one
looking in the registry - only new one - entries

looking in the driverstore I found the new one [B]and the old one[/B]
I’was exited…

stop caching, deleting the old entry with the tool pnputil.exe,
reboot, start caching, reboot, reboot …:sad: