Booting OS(s) from external hard drives

Want to have hard drives for Windows 7 & Vista as well as my current XP, can I boot externally for Windows 7 & Vista or do they have to be internal drives?

It depends if your mainboard is able to support boot from an external device :slight_smile:

Check in your mainboard’s BIOS or in the user manual if this feature is supported :slight_smile:

My motherboard is made by MSI (PM8M3-V) - the on-board IDE:

  • can connect up to 4 IDE devices
  • serial ATA 150 controller integrated in VT8237R
  • up to 150MB/s transfer speed
    can connect up to 2 serial ATA drives
  • an IDE controller on the VT8237R chipset provides IDE HDD/ Cd-ROM with PIO, bus master and ultra DMA133/100/66 operation modes

Buy a PCI/PCI-E card with Esata.
Buy an Esata Case + Sata HDD :wink:
Tada! Your PC recognises it as an internal drive, and it operates at full sata (1.5Gb/3Gbps) speed :wink:

Using windows off a USB drive is excruciatingly slow.