Booting from USB




I have a small problem:

I have an external DVD player which connects via USB 2.0 and i want to know if it is possible to boot Windows from it.

I know there is an option in BIOS ( boot from USB CD-ROM ) - i activated it but it doesn’t work - still gives me the message BOOT DISK FAILURE

So are there other things to setup or it’s simply not possible to boot from USB?


Maybe it just doesn’t like your drive? External enclosures are not all created equal, sadly.


I agree with gurm==“if” your system will boot from an usb source, then your system should do it “if” you have compatible equipment/drivers/software/etc.

I assume you are trying to boot from Linux on a disk or Win Lite or whatever? A quick partial diagnostic would be to see if your system would boot from your source disk when that disk is using a direct ide connection?

Also–does your system boot from a standard usb harddrive partition?

Maybe no answer there but might help you narrow down the issues.


Yeah. Try booting from your thumb drive. If THAT doesn’t work, then your motherboard’s “boot from USB” option is pretty much useless, and it’s time to go harass their support site. Also make sure your BIOS is up to date, that can have a huge impact over which USB bootable devices work.


Ok, thanks for the help.

I tried to boot both from a Linux live CD and from Windows using an IDE CDrom and they work, so there’s no problem with the CDs.

Anyway, is it possible that for BIOS to show up those booting options even if the motherboard doesn’t support them?