Booting from memory stick

Can the operating system be used from a removable drive. Can the installion dvd be copyed to a memory stick so that windose can be installed on computers without a dvd or cd player???

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Windows 7 can be installed from an USB flash drive:


Yes, as long as your bios supports booting from a USB device. Which operating system do you want to install?

I have used up all my IDE channels with hard drives. This puter currently has no DVD player hooked up. If I can copy my windose-7 to a stick then I could repair or reinstall without unhooking any hard drive. Also my sister has a H.P. printer with no windows-7 driver. If she could install XP on a stick and boot just for the print job then remove the stick and back to seven and the internet. I tryed a DOS boot with lots of utilitys but I got a error message, “can not find hdd-0”