My mate is building his own computer, so far he has bought the motherboard, processor, Fan, and some RAM. To see if these components work he’s mixing it with his old coponents eg: hardrive (winxp) cdRom, sound card, video card (all the essentials).

He has put them together and everything works fine, but it asks him to insert a bootdisk into his floppy drive (A:). Firstly how do i make a bootdisk and secondly, will this erase everything on his hardrive?

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Which one do I download?

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Which one do I download?
I thought there was mentioned XP, right ?

Get a Windows 98 OEM bootdisk, they have alot of features.

If it asks you for a boot disk, that means that you have some problems. The computer cannot find a good boot partition to go on, hence asks for a valid boot record, like on a boot floppy. It seems that with all new computers with an old hard drive tends to not like a completely different system, cause that is a major change. It is most safe to do a re-install from scratch.

When you put into a boot disk, it will not erase anything unless you tell it to, with the FDISK command.

For more bootdisks

Or if you are loading Windows 2000/XP put in the Windows CD, ensure the CD-ROM is set to read first in the BIOS and start that bad boy up. If should come to a screen that says something like: Press any key to boot from CD-ROM. Press a key, Ta-da! The Windows installation procedure will begin. :iagree:

I haven’t used a Win98 bootdisk to install Windows since, well since I’ve installed Windows 98 :stuck_out_tongue: